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Premiere: Max Mode – Chuck

Committed to casting light on a worldwide network of emerging underground house and techno producers, Paris-based record label Renascence continue their exploration of the orange cloud’s unfathomable hive of talents with Max Mode, a young producer which you should hear more of very shortly.

Over the course of five vitamin-enriched slabs of flexile house and voltaic techno the French producer doesn’t ever take his foot off the pedal. Mellifluous and driving, ‘Panorama‘ unfolds a spruce orgy of filtered synthscapes, frantic bass outbreaks and nostalgic tunes, entirely dedicated to setting dancefloors ablaze.

Our pick, the hi-NRG melter ‘Chuck‘ melds a fiery swing with heavy-breathing saturations and heated perc lines. The halo of a sun-kissed vibe always matches with a sturdier groove here and Max Mode discharges full batches of equally abrasive urban tech and lively, unclouded house beats for good measure. Vibrant stuff all the way.

Panorama is released via Renascence in February 2017, pre-order a vinyl copy from Juno.


A1. Mad Facts
A2. Spheres
A3. Decade
B1. Chuck
B2. It’s The Answer

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