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Premiere: Moon Zero – Sunk Cost

Two years on from the release of his self-titled debut LP on Denovali Records, Tim Garratt returns as Moon Zero with ‘Relationships Between Inner & Outer Space‘, taking a trip right down memory lane with a further intimate and gripping tetrad of haunting, doldrums prone soundscapes.

Lots of things can happen in the space of a couple years in a human life, and so did it in Garratt’s. Fruit of a difficult period that reshuffled the cards rather profoundly, this album resounds with a burning melancholia, using his personal experiences as the breeding-ground to more beauty and quietude – obviously not devoid of sorrow and grief but sure looking past the gloomy horizon it draws its roots in. From Reykjavík to Leipzig, the London-based producer has traveled his vision into new, unmapped territories, eager to open up the scope of his compositions to unheard depths.

Our premiere, the over 12-minute long ‘Sunk Cost‘ exalts this feeling of widescreen freedom, unshackled from any restrictive format and looking to build a narrative of its own from a mix of digitally-manipulated instruments, field recordings, tape loops and stirring synth lines. Back to an unadulterated chaos where everything seems possible and the universe is still in a state of flux and creation, deploying as matter conquers space and grace emerges from the newly born shapes. An end-to-end stunning and timeless piece of misty, atmospheric sound design.

Relationships Between Inner & Outer Space is released on 24th November, pre-order a copy from Denovali.


A1. Keflavik
A2. Sunk Cost
B1. Erwood Araf
B2. Arcane XII

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