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Listen back to Ryan James Ford’s showcase mix for Newtype Rhythms

The latest transmission from our sister podcast series comes with an enduring and enigmatic mix from Berlin-via-Calgary producer Ryan James Ford. Between releasing for labels Marcel Dettmann’s MDR imprint, ACR, and his very own, SHUT – Ford has constantly found ways to keep his take on future proof, melancholic rave fresh and full of audible splendour.

When Newtype Rhythms approached him to contribute to the show, he came back with a mix that was surprising and gratifying all at once. An hour-long showcase of solely his own unreleased productions. Talk about a special contribution.

The mix starts at around 45 minutes in, with resident Sheepshead playing bits from the likes of Detboi, Hodge, Modeselektor, Sophia Saze, Stenny and more.


00:00-45:13 – Mixed by Sheepshead

01. Silvia Kastel – Heart 2 Tape
02. Patient & S.Knoll – A Side Effect (feat. Circe)
03. Call Super – Fluenka Spoke
04. Detboi – Shots
05. Barker & Baumecker – Crows
06. EQD – EQD 006A
07. Tessela – Diving
08. Perc – Chatter (Hodge Remix)
09. Sophia Saze – Solace
10. Stenny – 3KK-CB Sat
11. Modeselektor – Vote Or Die

45:13 – END – Mixed by Ryan James Ford

(all tracks by Ryan James Ford)

01. Soreb Rekab
02. 2 West 71
03. Ardst Deko
04. Extra Soft Loaf
05. Bxira Endt
06. Community Don
07. Bernt Wuhd
08. Dress Parade
09. Klear Kut
10. Tokhta Vyatua
11. Paddea Yeboh
12. Theo Lacey
13. Aechel Ismet
14. Daemes Shmedt
15. Bathurst and College
16. Tuxedo Park (Redux)
17. Nos Ummi

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