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Premiere: Multicast Dynamics – Time Factor

Freshly returning from a full-length outing as VC-118A on Delsin, Samuel van Dijk pulls back on his Multicast Dynamics alias with ‘Lost World‘ – his fifth studio album for Denovali after the 2017-released ‘Continental Ruins‘, due out June 28.

Transporting us to a realm of esoteric depth and underlying threat, ‘Lost World‘ follows right in the footsteps of MD’s previous long-players – shrouded in mystery and overwhelming by nature. Similar to that of the life-affirming, mystique-imbued maiden voyage into the “zone” of the stalker’s two clients in Tarkovsky’s late ’70s chef d’oeuvre, the notion of occult, initiatory quest resounds deep and wide across Multicast Dynamics’ latest, inviting us to elevate.

Our premiere, ‘Time Factor‘, clearly encapsulates such qualities and much more. Unfolding in tidal motion, the track seamlessly ebbs and flows from a state of heavenly serenity to being charged like a thundercloud on the edge of unleashing its lightning fury upon quiet valleys and hillscapes. Yet, Multicast Dynamics does a wonderful job of capturing and maintaining this subtle balance, somewhere between the contemplative romantics of wide-screen electronica and the textural wealth of kosmische-infused ambient motifs. Hauntingly beautiful and evocative.

Lost World is released via Denovali on 28th June, pre-order a copy from the label’s webshop.


1. Arrival
2. Ancient Circuits
3. Radiation Chamber I
4. Time Factor
5. Oceana
6. Iris I
7. Observation Deck
8. Source Code
9. Iris II
10. Eastman Tape
11. Intermission
12. Zero Weight
13. Edge of Dreams
14. Radiation Chamber II
15. Transition

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