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Premiere: Namarone – Approach The Colossus

Strecke Records are on a roll with their 15th release, a four-track extended player from Swiss producer Namarone, featuring a remix by QZB and a vocal cut from Nathalie Froehlich.

Combining chased memories of drum and bass with fusions of footwork with moments of an almost UK Garage swing, ‘Approach The Colossus‘ builds on the kinetic battering rams released on Strecke’s previous EP by Noria Lilt to make another disc of weaponry for well-tuned dancefloors.

The title track sits at a crossroads of UK genres and modern hybrids: floating synths that could be lifted from either lightweight grime tracks or 90’s drum and bass lead the listener into a percussive realm of nimble, rolling chops on a broad spread of drums. Adding in pulses of sub-bass, Namarone builds a deceptively complicated rhythmic wonder that scratches the itch for fun dancefloor music without losing its serious edge.

‘Approach The Colossus’ is scheduled for release 24 November via Strecke Records. Order a copy from Bandcamp


1. Approach the Colossus
2. Approach the Colossus (QZB Remix)
3. Major Healing (ft. Nathalie Froehlich)
4. Major Healing (Instrumental Version)