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Premiere: Nathan Melja & Flørist – Wonderland (Flørist Version)

Nathan Melja and Flørist both emerged during the mid-2010s, their first releases in line with the scuffed house sound that was in vogue at the time. The producers each had unique takes on that style and, in the years following, have continued to assert their themselves as crucial artists, delivering distinctive dancefloor gear on labels such as Antinote and The Trilogy Tapes.

Their new joint release is a collaboration in the fullest sense. ‘Wonderland’ arrives via Parodia, Melja’s new imprint for which Flørist has assisted in the design. Musically, the EP sees each artist delivering a solo cut as well as providing their own versions of the collaborative titular track.

It’s clear from Parodia’s first entry that the two producers are a fine pairing. Flørist’s ‘Fade 2 Pink’ is deep and emotive, while Melja’s ‘Back and Forth’ will no doubt please listeners who enjoyed his release on Kalahari Oyster Cult last year. Our pick is the Flørist version of ‘Wonderland’, the kind of hazy late-night trip that’s primed for eyes closed introspection.

‘Wonderland’ EP is scheduled for release 14 June via Parodia. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Nathan Melja – Back and Forth
2. Nathan Melja, Flørist – Wonderland (Nathan Melja Version)
3. Flørist – Fade 2 Pink
4. Flørist, Nathan Melja – Wonderland (Flørist version)