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Jonas Friedlich

Since surfacing two years ago on Molten Moods Jonas Friedlich has been championing a sound that wholeheartedly crosses segments of stomping techno, old-school junglism, pot-fuelled Bristolian riddims and post-industrial atmospherics to design a uniquely trenchant arsenal of dancefloor-dedicated weapons. We caught up with the German producer to find out more about his origins.

Rezzett: Rezzett

After a string of well-received EPs on The Trilogy Tapes that’s seen them forge an eccentric signature sound halfway lo-fi analogue house and cask-aged breakbeat vintage, the pair was yet to hit the full-length format and to be honest, they managed to come up with an album both articulate and rejoicingly bleary.

Mix Mup

Before Lorenz Lindner officially kicks off 2018 with exciting new projects and releases, and his schedule goes haywire, we caught up with Mix Mup, who’s put together a precious mix of deep dancefloor jams and steady rhythms for us, ideal to soundtrack your next outing on the highway.


Ahead of EMG’s second release on The Trilogy Tapes, Emanuele Giannini contributes one of his rare mixes showing off his expertise in building up meditative journeys – starting from a long introspective opening, focused on ambient sounds, before circling into a series of captivating house grooves.

Beatrice Dillon: Contrasting Patterns

After her performance at the first iteration of the Cairo edition of Masafat Festival on 20th September 2016, we took the chance to find out more about what makes Beatrice Dillon tick, her creative process and composition methods.

Bored Young Adults: Shy Dancers On Bungalowdorf Beach

No need to rack up bulky kicks and ruthless bass swells to turn up the heat, ‘Shy Dancers on Bungalowdorf Beach’ is a tranquil display of power, each bullet reaching its destination effortlessly. Blawan essentialised the power of his punchy floor breakers into compact tablets, like a freeze-dried version of his ‘old’ self. Massive in all its aspects.

Samo DJ: Kicked Out Of Everywhere

Marrying the impact of gritty technoid rough drafts and well-oiled broken beat nuts and bolts, with more of an atmospheric lean there to implement psychic sideration to the fullest, Samo DJ delivers an ever dynamic assortment of straight up tumbling crescendos and brutal breakdowns.