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Rezzett: Rezzett

Writing about Rezzett music is like undergoing a Rorschach test: a divinatory undertaking implying radically divergent answers and interpretations. The enigmatic duo’s eponymous debut LP doesn’t break the rule and if anything, puts its listener off the scent quite cleverly. After a string of well-received EPs on The Trilogy Tapes that’s seen them forge an eccentric signature sound halfway lo-fi analogue house and cask-aged breakbeat vintage, the pair was yet to hit the full-length format and to be honest, they managed to come up with an album both articulate and rejoicingly bleary.

Dipped in the same thick machinic blur that shrouded their previous outings and made their name, the album serves up a rich assortment of rhythms, textures and envelops, whilst keeping the tempo variometer confused to the fullest. Where their first EPs never really veered off from club-friendly pathways, this one dares venturing into further experimental horizons with a convincing trial-and-error approach; letting their wonky addictive loops vanish in white noise-y abstraction (‘Hala‘) or instead reeling out some offbeat tape-saturated riddim sounding like a mutilated Bibio jam played through a squelchy sound system (‘Gremlinz‘).

"While those in the know will find what they came for,
those new to Rezzett will get a fine glimpse into the
duo's decidedly unique musical realm."

Finely offsetting a stuttering post-industrial throb with vaporous synthlines and opaline chimes, ‘Longboat‘ stands as one of the finest cuts of the package, whilst the beautiful ‘Sexzzy Creep‘ also shines bright with its intricately-woven interlacing of hazy pads, hammering kicks and rusty percussions cascading wildly. ‘Yunus In Ekstasi‘ then offers up a spacious span of ambient quietude, lulling you to plain sensory relaxing sleep. ‘Wet Bilge‘ switches the drums back on but the frantic pace’s made way for slow-dripping harmonics and a comatose hip-hop-indebted swing. A radiant dubby tune engulfed in rugged, asperous overlaps.

Fusing a flock of poetically arranged detuned chords – think BoC’s ‘Chromakey Dreamcoat‘ sieved through the pair’s usual hiss-laden, dust-clogged sound design – and muffled toms gone astray, ‘Tarang‘ dashes across wide-scope panoramas at a sustained pace; but it’s with ‘Worst Ever Contender‘ that Rezzett make the most impact, delivering an alpha specimen of their time-remembering, hybrid house-y jungle workouts and an explosive grande finale to conclude this well-built inaugural long player. While those in the know will find what they came for, those new to Rezzett will get a fine glimpse into the duo’s decidedly unique musical realm.

This summer Rezzett play live at the Inverted Audio curated stage “Campfire Headphase” on Friday 6th July at Farr Festival 2018, tickets on sale now! Rezzett is out now, order a digital copy from Bandcamp.


1. Hala
2. Longboat
3. Sexzzy Creep
4. Yunus In Ekstasi
5. Wet Bilge
6. Tarang
7. Gremlinz
8. Worst Ever Contender

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