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Premiere: Nikki Nair – EXP7

Singular Values‘ EP is the latest offering from Tram Planet Records and if there’s one thing we can take from this American imprint, is that they do not mess about!

Hot on the heels from a release via Scuffed Recordings earlier this year, Tennessee-based producer Nikki Nair steps up with four fearlessly distorted industrial stompers, which will make you feel both invigorated and dirty.

Our pick ‘EXP7‘ clearly belongs to the latter, FX noises makes this track barely audible and just a few abrupt interruptions give respite from the track’s choking gait. Chopped vocals, redundant bass, intermittent hit-hats and claps provide groove to this track, which is sure to cause a riot.

‘Singular Values’  EP is out now in 10″ vinyl format via Tram Planet Records. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. EXP0
2. EXP1
3. EXP7
4. EXP2

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