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Premiere: Norin – Djupa Vatten

Frontman of Posh Isolation and Sacred Bones-affiliated synth pop band Lust For Youth, Lars Hannes Norrvide has multiplied side-projects and monikers over the past decade – releasing music under the names of Border Force, Rose Alliance, Viking Jews or simply Hannes Norrvide, before inaugurating his new Norin persona in February with the excellent mini-album ‘Bakom Planteringen‘.

After a strong followup on Loke Rahbek’s label, Norrvide steps up on Paris-based imprint Collapsing Market with four cuts of deeply immersive icy-fresh minimalism and raw proto-techno sieved through a dystopian perspective, or as the Swedish producer more cold-bloodedly describes his own music: “the sound of overdosing in the chill-out room”… Engaging, eh?

Paradoxically enough, Norrvide revealed he isn’t much of a techno listener, which only adds to the oddity of these avant-garde droning atmospherics. Our pick, the anxiety-inducing ‘Djupa Vatten‘ – accurately translating to ‘deep water‘, descends into infertile subterranean grounds, layering mind-altering electronics over highly-textured soundscapes in one mesmeric blur. Restless.

₦₦₦ EP is released via Collapsing Market on 16th September, pre-order a vinyl copy from Juno.


A1. Tillsammans
A2. Det Eneste Sted
B1. Djupa Vatten
B2. Vi Säger Ingenting

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