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Giegling line up ‘Mind Over Matter’ compilation and two remix EPs

A veil of secrecy and die-hard fandom surrounds Giegling. In a world of non-stop communication and ultra-fast service, Weimar-based imprint has made a name for itself as one of the most enigmatic outlets of the contemporary era, announcing new releases or long awaited represses when you least expect them.

Two years after its initial release Kettenkarussel’s debut album ‘Easy Listening gets the remix treatment from Dial co-founder Lawrence, Playhouse affiliate LoSoul, in-house producer Vril and New York-based Ezekiel Honig. Giegling also announced Huerco S will step up on the label with two hazy house reworks of ‘Olin’ for the German label subdivision g~~g~~~g. Both records are scheduled for release 27th September 2016.

Last but not least is the announcement of Giegling’s very special 20th release, which shall land sometime in November. ‘Mind Over Matter‘ is a 14-track various-artists compilation featuring Giegling’s most beloved tracks from the label’s core crew, plus contributions from Smallville Paris’ very own Jacques Bon and Kann Records co-founder Map.ache.

Pre-order and listen to previews of each release on their website”$-)“.


Mind Over Matter

A1 Map.ache – Happy Birthday
A2 D-IX – Scope
B1 Edward – Check Check
B2 Matthias Reiling – The Look On Their Face
C1 Herr Koreander – Derive
C2 Jacques Bon – See & Feel
D1 Ateq – Ana
D2 Pom Pom – Pom Pom
D3 Loewe – 0318_173749
E1 Vril – Untitled
E2 DJ Metatron – State Of Me
E3 Birds & Tapes – Mallorca
F1 Kettenkarrussell – Trust
F2 Leafar Legov – Your Vibe

Kettenkarussell – Easy Listening Remixes

A1 Of Course (Lawrence Remix)
A2 Konstant Sleep (Losoul Remix)
B1 Spirale (Vril Remix)
B2 Of Course (Ezekiel Honig Remix)

Olin – Huerco S. Remixes

A Huerco S. Remix 1
B Huerco S. Remix 2

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