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Premiere: Nummer – The Magic City

Characterised by its whelming, hypnotic appeal, the music of French-born, Berlin-based duo Nummer plays on various scales and depths. Exploring a wide range of styles and tempi – from deep house to dub via tribal rhythms and jungle motifs, Silvère Letellier and Emmanuel Corre champion a sound both dynamic and enveloping, tailored for late-night sonic drifts and heavy-lidded afterparty moments, when space and time merge into a single physical state.

Lifted from their latest instalment, ‘Deep Obsessions‘ – freshly released on their own dedicated imprint Nummer Music, ‘The Magic City‘ finds the pair dipping their toes into mystique-imbued Babylonian territories and skunk-oozing backrooms. A low-slung desert music swing leads the way as feverish darbukkah drums, shooting star-like synth stabs, lucid pads, bleeps and opaque vox samples coalesce to form a riveting picture of dervish-like tribal trance. Mesmeric to the max, this one’s sure to turn the dancefloor into a hazed-out, spiritual high space for communion.

Deep Obsessions is out now, order a copy from Juno.


A1. Life Is A Hideout
B1. The Magic City
B2. Quiet Nights

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