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Premiere: Orson Hentschel – Ghost Echos

Clean-cut and surgically executed, the music of Berlin-based sound sculptor and composer Orson Hentschel undeniably bears the seal of a ripened obsession for textural interplays, steep brutalistic patterns and further evocatively rich audio architectonics, as beautifully asserted by his previous two albums for Denovali Records and most excellent 2018-released 10″ for the German imprint, ‘Facades‘.

On his upcoming album for Denovali, ‘Antigravity‘, due to hit the streets April 26, Hentschel dives particularly deep spectrum-wise – garnering organic sounds that seem to gradually emerge from a mind-numbing existential slumber.

So is the case for our pick, ‘Ghost Echos‘ – a much intricately knit piece of inward-gazing modularity, mainly relying on the talent of Hentschel for carving out finely embossed electronic reliefs and textures, as thunderous as they are riveting to hear and feel expand and dissolve far past all sense of measurability. A work of technical mastery that has not traded its soul for efficiency, ‘Antigravity‘ ticks most boxes of what makes an experimental album a truly unmissable experience.

Antigravity is released via Denovali on 26th April, pre-order a copy from the label’s website.


1. Walki Talki
2. Ghost Echos
3. Hidden Skills
4. Steady State
5. Antigravity
6. When Horses Lose Ground
7. True Desire

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