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Premiere: PanSTARRS – Khally Balak Hatmoot

Cairo outfit PanSTARRS prepare the release of a five-track EP entitled ‘Ghaby Ghaby Ghaby‘ for new London label Lost Futures.

Finding middle ground between electronic production and post-punk approach and styles, the group’s unique identity is worn on the face of the record, from the Arabic titles to the in-your face music within, which is characterised by oversaturated bass and soulfully jagged guitars atop kinetic drums. Theirs is music for dancing just as much as listening, although you’ll be hard pressed to separate the two.

Opener ‘Khally Balak Hatmoot‘ is easily our favourite from the release, launching off with an iterated staccato jab, groovy yet somehow serious, which carries the reverb-drenched vocals of frontman Youssef Abouzeid. The frequencies are all fairly concentrated, so when the track plunges into a woozy pool of stuttering oversaturated bass, the impact on the mind is pretty wild. Experimentally rough around the edges, the track delivers an inimitable first shot from the EP.

‘Ghaby Ghaby Ghaby’ is scheduled for release 7 May via Lost Futures. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Khally Balak Hatmoot
2. Men Gheir Wa7da
3. Tortit Naml
4. Sahla Ya Khaifa
5. 7omar 3ala 7osan