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Premiere: Tomu DJ – I Hope It’s Not My House

Turin label Early Reflex, ran by Alec Pace, prepares a second compilation, ‘Flex002‘, featuring an international cast of talent, including Copenhagen’s Splash Pattern, Berlin’s E-Talking, and rising West Coast talent Tomu DJ.

Tomu has brought attention to herself recently, thanks in part to a string of self-released future ambient gems on her Bandcamp, as well as appearing as a guest on a recent Rinse FM show from Ciel. The gorgeous and febrile harmonies heard on her rightly lauded yet still relatively underground ambient works represent just one side of her exploratory and adventurous sound, with the other side represented more closely by rough definitions of house and techno.

It’s from this more dance-friendly side of Tomu’s productions which her contribution to ‘Flex002’ lands: ‘I Hope It’s Not My House‘ pairs wholesome breakbeat goodness with gently simmering ambience. It’s upbeat, and definitely party-friendly, but not without it’s pensive side, granting room to breathe and move within the splintered soft breaks. A DJ tool for the golden hour, and a go-to beat for a sunny stroll about the city, we hope to hear much more of Tomu’s music in the near future.

‘Flex002’ is scheduled for release 7 May via Early Reflex. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. E-Talking – Hi-Res
2. Lithe – Twoface
3. Ku Ku – Cat Stamp
4. Tomu DJ – I hope it’s not my house
5. DJ P & Alec Pace – Sirens
6. AURA – Count On Mi
7. Sobolik – Camille
8. Katatonic Silentio – Unfunctional Unfolding
9. Splash Pattern – Focus Please
10. YASHA – For those who still believe
11. Sabiwa – I walk outside my body and I’m scared