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Premiere: Photonz ‘My Orion’

Hot off the press, ‘Lotus Wheel On My Orion‘ marks the exciting debuts of One Eyed Jacks honcho Photonz on Ali Renault’s Vivod imprint. An opening four-track blast unleashing a hellfire of fast-breaking ravey rollers and floor-squashing leviathans.

Brewing a massive four-to-the-floor with middle eastern soaring strings via a herd of ankle-breaking groove crossovers, ‘My Orion‘ takes the B-side off with spectacular style.

Like driving your ’83 Ford model at breakneck speed right in the middle of a camel race – rims blazing, tyres screeching. Don’t brake.

Lotus Wheel On My Orion is out now, order a vinyl copy from Juno.


A1 Child’s Play
A2 False Prophet
B1 My Orion
B2 Mydriasis

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