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Premiere: Photonz – Parque Da Liberdade (The Phantom Remix)

Fresh off the release of the excellent ‘Lotus Wheel On My Orion‘ on Ali Renault’s Vivod, London-based producer Photonz returns with ‘Corroios Royalty‘ EP – an ode to the suburb of Lisbon in which Rodrigues grew up. The twelve is landing via Belgian imprint Silverback Recordings on April 15th.

Another fine example of the Portuguese producer’s unrestrained approach to dance music as a medium, ‘Corroios Royalty‘ meshes 707-fueled rhythms, spaced-out synth flexions and old-school jungle tropes in one carefree trip through far-flung, multi-hued scapes.

As the vessel prepares for landing in all good record stores, we’re glad to present you The Phantom‘s reinterpretation of the opening cut ‘Parque da Liberdade‘.

A regular on the Ghent-based label, Bartosz Kruczynski makes a comeback with a special treat blending time-honoured breakbeat patterns, mind-invasive sax solos and jazzed-up piano stabs. A well-groomed, summer-vibing revamp to keep your legs and mind swinging in equal measure.

Corroios Royalty EP is released via Silverback Recordings on April 25th, order a vinyl copy from Juno.


A1 Parque da Liberdade
A2 Casa do Povo
B1 Parque da Liberdade (The Phantom Remix)
B2 Parque da Liberdade (Ikonika Remix)

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