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Premiere: Physical Therapy ‘Love Schranz’

Good news, y’all. Bossa Nova Civic Club and NYC “creative support groupSisterjam return for a third instalment in their ‘Bushwick is Melting‘ series this month.

Showcasing some of the finest underground house and techno acts from the North American continent, that new compilation sheds a bright light on a solid group of underrated boundary-pushers with the likes of Slava (Software, Future Times), Max McFerren (1080p, Sci-Fi & Fantasy), Physical Therapy (Allergy Season) and M/M (1080p, Pacific Psychedelia Tapes) all joining forces for what results in a tense rundown of typical Bossa Nova’s nightlife.

Today, we’re glad to bring you the exclusive stream of Physical Therapy’s hypnotic rave-y salvo ‘Love Schranz‘: a fiery post-apocalyptic blend of digital hardcore, bursting on red-hot hat rides and lowering yet sensuous vocal spires. One to keep the pressure high in the club and have the crowd moshing like it’s DC’s straight-edge heyday again.

Bushwick Is Melting Volume 3 is out now, grab a copy here.


A1. Slava – Shanté
A2. Max McFerren – Is Sinful
B1. Physical Therapy – Love Schranz
B2. M/M – Sphere 3

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