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Premiere: Placid Angles – ChaKwaina (Marcel Dettmann remix)

Len Faki’s Figure Records recruits fellow Berghain mainstay Marcel Dettmann for a remix of ‘ChaKwaina‘, a front-running track from March’s ‘Touch The World‘ LP by Placid Angles — AKA shapeshifting music scene lifer John Beltran.

All-star indeed, but the list doesn’t stop there — the remix pack squeezes in plenty more names that’ll tantalise tastebuds, from Baltra to Plaid, Dauwd to Mike Paradinas (aka M-Ziq). Beltran even drops in once again, with another original track and a remix of his own material.

Despite all the familiarity with Dettmann, the Berlin-based titan shows us he can still turn in something unusual and different, thanks in part to the source material’s off-center starting point. The 4/4 kick is ubiquitous here, driving forward the tumbling and rising arpeggios towards the end point, a melee of atonal melody riffing on top of the driving club beat. With a cast like this, small surprise the output stands with one leg in the mode, and one leg standing in the atypical.

‘Touch The World Remixes’ is scheduled for release 15 July via Figure. Order a copy from Bandcamp


1. ChaKwaina (Marcel Dettmann Remix)
2. Beauty Begins With Us (M-ZIQ Remix)
3. Clouds Over Clifden (Dauwd Remix)
4. Sun (Bonus Track)
5. Our Love Is (Baltra Remix)
6. Natsukashii (Plaid Remix)
7. Deep Blue (Cassy Remix)
8. Touch The Earth Feel The Rain (JakoJako Remix)
9. Sun Shines Through (John Beltran Remix)