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Premiere: Rai Scott – Paradise Crane (Valentino Mora Deep Blue Rephase)

Following a string of deeper leaning releases, Rai Scott joins forces with Church for her latest offering of rich electronics in the form of her ‘Detached Observation‘ EP.

Church continue their streak of well deserved recognition due in part to standout releases from the likes of Gnork and FYI Chris. Scott now finds herself in good company building upon the labels signature for deep downtempo sounds whilst rounding off their year.

Brimming with silky smooth, balearic soundscapes ‘Detached Observation‘ EP leaves you with an overwhelming sense of euphoria that accompanies a beach side holiday. Our pick, Valentino Mora’s sublime remix of “Paradise Crane” puts an interesting touch on the sonic themes present throughout the EP.

Whereas the original track provokes feelings of being carried blissfully by the waves with the sun beating down on your skin, Mora’s remix takes you into deeper, murkier territories to uncover what may be hiding beneath the surface. Distant waves and pops of organic sounds fuse together with a steady groove to reveal an enchanting, more tech inclined offering.

Distinctly percussive and textured, the track has a constant flow that continually introduces new elements that maintain a sense of motion and stimulation. Scott’s and Mora’s talents sync together well, with Mora adding a more shadowy hue whilst still maintaining that dream-like haze.

‘Detached Observation’ EP is scheduled for release 12th December 2018, order a copy from Juno.


1. Paradise Crane
2. Paradise Crane (Valentino Mora Deep Blue Rephase)
3. Detached Observation
4. Lazy Sunshine

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