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Best Extended Players of 2018

Following the publication of our Best Albums of 2018 we now turn our attention to the trusty format of the 12-inch extended player.

Francis Harris: Minor Forms

Francis Harris returns to his imprint Scissor & Thread to present his first solo material in three years. His new EP, the eagerly awaited ‘Minor Forms’, features two original tracks from Harris’ own hand, complemented by two remixes from IDO co-founder Valentino Mora, who delivers his first reworks ever since shifting monikers.

Valentino Mora

In the wake of the brilliant ‘Body Nostalgia’ EP that dropped last year on IDO and ahead of the release of his second delivery ‘Ash Walk’ in a few days, we invited Valentino Mora for a lush session of deep meditative grooves and dubby excursions to stimulate your body and mind in equal measure.