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Premiere: Valentino Mora + Yoshitake EXPE – Trans Format Eurotica (Underwater Rephase)

Since he relocated to Berlin and set up his own imprint IDO, French producer Valentino Mora operated a radical artistic shift, taking a step back and making a clean break with his previous incarnations to completely reinvent himself. A manifesto laying down his intentions with crystal-clear precision, his first EP – ‘Body Nostalgia’ – struck as a thunderclap, further asserting Mora’s ambitions as a deft, boundary-pushing club experimentalist; followed by the excellent ‘Ash Walk‘, and a first foray outside IDO on Parisian outlet DEMENT3D later in 2017.

Fresh off a couple outstanding remixes for Francis Harris ‘Minor Forms‘ on Scissor and Thread, Mora returns to the home base with ‘Astrometric Effect‘ – a three-track EP featuring experimental Japanese artist Yoshitake EXPE. Lifted from the EP, Valentino’s ‘Trans Format Eurotica (Underwater Rephase)‘ finds him attacking the convoy with a limited yet razor-sharp arsenal of sounds; mainly heavily delayed acid bass arpeggios rippling and bustling as reverb-drenched and skittish rimshots beat a hypnotic pulse out a bushy urban jungle. Reminiscent of Paul Woolford’s 2006-released minimal banger ‘Erotic Discourse‘, the track reefs and unfurls infectiously, eager to swallow the dancers into its convulsive maelstrom of bouncy sine waves and metallic tones. Wild!

Astrometric Effect is released via IDO on 18th May, pre-order a copy from Juno.


A1. Astrometric Effect
B1. Trans Format Eurotica
B2. Trans Format Eurotica (Underwater Rephase)

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