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Premiere: RNXRX – Cybele

Hot on the heels of their couple first instalments, both coming from the hand of Thomas Feriero aka Maenad Veyl – label co-founder and groove trader in chief, VEYL are back at it with their debut VA, ‘Previously Undisclosed Rituals‘, featuring Years of Denial, Cassegrain’s Rhyw under his Poison Green alias, Downwards affiliate Autumns, RNXRX, Exhausted Modern and label mainstay MV.

Making quite the impression on this multi-flavoured assortment of more or less abrasive delicacies draped in esoteric folds (special mention to the photography of Tomaso Lisca), Barcelona-based producer RNXRX unleashes occult powers pedal to the metal. A twitching high-octane blaster, ‘Cybele‘ swells and roars like a stealth, post-apocalyptic monster chasing preys across cut-throat woodlands. A bloodthirsty hell of a track that’ll haunt your nights both on and off the dancefloor.

Previously Undisclosed Rituals is released via VEYL on 1st October, pre-order a copy from Bandcamp.


A1. Years of Denial – Is It Over Yet?
A2. Autumns – Get It Booked You Bastard
A3. RNXRX – Cybele
B1. Maenad Veyl – Subtle Violence
B2. Poison Green – Beetleguise
B3. Exhausted Modern – Nekam Nesen

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