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Premiere: Royer – Face Of Blue

Having collated releases for the sister label of Steve Mizek’s Argot, Tasteful Nudes, Moomin’s imprint Closer, LA-based Material Image as well as Lobster Theremin and its more techno-focused subdivision Mörk, William James Thurman – better known as Royer – returns with the second volume in his ‘Archive Of Our Own’ series, started last year on his own label Class II.

If you’re familiar with the work of the Parisian producer already, you’ll know he’s just as much of a visual ace, trained in the subtle art of graphic design – be sure to check his eye candy here, as he’s of a straight up gifted vibe builder. The visually-evocative side of his music and its nostalgic power shine high and bright on the lush ‘Face Of Blue‘, second track off his new tape, which we’re delighted to share today in full-stream form.

Glimmering xylophonic lines subtly cascade upon a bed of effervescing chimes and bells, mirroring like a sea of prismatic light shards and glassy textures under a tropical sun, all set for you to sail its warm and delicate foamy waves. Royer confirms he’s got that special touch for sculpting some of the most elegant, modern and captivating deep house. A track to walk, relax and dream to.

Archive Of Our Own Vol.2 is released via Class II on 1st June.


A1. She Said That
A2. Face Of Blue
B1. Villa Jasmin
B2. Fragil Interior
B3. Looks From Below
B4. Et Son Epoque

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