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Listen back to a guest mix from Patric Fallon on Newtype Rhythms

This week’s broadcast of Newtype Rhythms stays local – as our friends in the States celebrated Memorial Day, it began to signal warmer days ahead, which means while we’re priming ourselves for festival season here, our U.S. mates are firing up grills and sorting out block parties for themselves – marching to their own beat.

That can also be said of the person who provided the special guest mix for this latest episode – Patric Fallon. With a career writing for the likes of Pitchfork, Resident Advisor and XLR8R – he’s attained a sensibility and range that is equally impressive and impactful – as Fallon’s writing tends to look behind the many layers of musicality and pinpoints the essence of what’s to be listened.

That same approach was taken within this excellent, spectral mix he contributed for Newtype Rhythms; with a collection of tracks that stretches from classic Kode9 to Autechre, onward towards more dream-like material from Octo Octa and Miyako Koda – Fallon’s spectral selections are a great way to kick the summer into high gear. His mix starts about 36 minutes in, with resident Sheepshead starting things up.


00:00-32:45 – mixed by Sheepshead

1. Cornelius – Confusion Diffusion
2. ??? – ???
3. Alex Coulton – Phase Two
4. Batu – Marius
5. Robert Hood – Thought Process
6. Stranger – Warehouse Memories (Original Mix)
7. DJ Deep – La Grande Brasserie
8. Seelow – KKid_V2
9. Jonas Kopp – Starburst
10. Rommek – Solvent

32:46-END – mixed by Patric Fallon

1. Tuffis – “Pack Up And Leave” [Super Power]
2. Kode9 & The Spaceape – “Ghost Town” [Hyperdub]
3. Blixaboy – “Humanoids” [CPU]
4. Calibre – “Over The Top” [The Nothing Special] / Jlin – “Never Created, Never Destroyed” [Planet Mu]
5. Martyn – “Mega Drive Generation” [Hyperdub] / TML – “Crying” [Hotflush]
6. Jack Roland – “1-800 My Bride” [UN.T.O.]
7. AB2088 – “Terraform” [Computer Club]
8. Stenny – “P-Zone” [Ilian Tape]
9. Voiski – “Marble Sadness” [DEMENT3D]
10. TML – Misdirect [Always Human Tapes]
11. Basic Rhythm – “Suburban Bass (4 Da R)” [Type]
12. Peverelist – “Sheer Chance Matters” [Livity Sound]
13. Lamin Fofana – “Workers” [Sci-Fi & Fantasy]
14. Autechre – “Montreal” [Warp]
15. Objekt – “Theme From Q” [Objekt]
16. Octo Octa – “Move On (Let Go) (De-stress Mix)” [Honey Soundsystem]
17. Benoit B – “Weekend Girl” [Peur Bleue]
18. Robert Hood – “Thought Process” [Dekmantel]
19. Kowton – “Pea Soup” [Livity Sound]
20. Buttechno – “Silent E” [Gost Zvuk] / YPY – “Ant” [Where To Now?] / Noumen – Abyss [CPU]
21. Hiro Kone – “Don’t Drink The Water” [Geographic North] / Hiro Kone – “Less Than Two Seconds” [Geographic North]
22. Aleksi Perälä – “UK74R1408074” [DUB]
23. Earthen Sea – “Blues In Black Ink” [Lovers Rock]
24. Benoit B – “Deluxe Hippies” [Versatile] / Miyako Koda – “A Sea Of Love (Seahorse Remix” [17853]

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