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Premiere: S.P.T. – Safety

S.P.T. steps up with the first release on Berlin’s new Post Hoc label. Four slabs of corrosive techno, including a remix by Regis, the label’s first chapter is sure to take you back to the darkened rooms and long nights of pre-pandemic times.

There’s little in the way of Information about S.P.T. What we do know is that the producer made these tracks a few years ago and is based in The Hague. With the majority of the artist’s background obscured, what we’re left with is the tracks themselves, industrial rumblings, saturated in effects.

Of the 4 tracks on ‘Silica’, our pick is ‘Safety’. It’s the type of techno that, while being unrelentingly heavy, isn’t defined entirely by its darkness or weight. Taut and tense, it teeters on the edge of collapse at moments, but never quite gives way to all-out mayhem.

‘Silica’ is scheduled for release 19 April via Post Hoc. Order a copy via Bandcamp.


1. Safety
2. Silica
3. Silica (Regis Remix)
4. Diprivan