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Premiere: Sciahri – Faith Healing

This week we premiere a roller of a tune from Italy’s very own Sciahri. Fresh off releases on Ilian Tape and his own incredibly lush imprint, Sublunar, the Florentino-based producer returns to Black Opal for his second go-round on the label with ‘Quiet Witness’.

The four-track release is texturally dominant – presenting a gritty melange of subtle melodies and industrious, rhythmic workmanship that reverberates best (in our opinion) with B1 on the release “Faith Healing“. Lying somewhere between a breath of fresh air and a plunge into a far-off galaxy of flickering monochromatic planets, the track provides awe while reserving a mindful expanse towards the wondrous abyss.

‘Quiet Witness’ is scheduled for release 9th June, grab a copy from Opal Tapes.


1. Insanity
2. Unease
3. Faith Healing
4. Shambles

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