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Premiere: SMX – Mono

After a two-year hiatus, London’s Blank Mind are finally back with their eagerly-awaited tenth number, ‘BLNK010‘, which sees label founder Sam Purcell and fellow producer Max O’Brien team up again as SMX for a neat followup to their recent split alongside Koehler on Tasker’s Whities.

A free-flowing dubby tech treat that heads straight for great Maurizian depths, this new instalment from the pair is said to serve as an “honest and organic journal of sorts documenting the last few years“. Going further into the making of the record, Sam and Max explain:

The live sessions allowed us to concentrate on simple forms and subtle developments. This project was started with no preconceived ideas about the end product, but we gravitated towards a sound that works both in a club or home environment.

A hypnotic slice of moody, reverb-bleached micro house that’s just moved past the cusp of burnout to sink in a blurred-out existential coma, our premiere ‘Mono‘ showcases the most introspective facet of the duo’s craft, and it all very much feels like dipping toes in the icy waters of a dormant fjord at night. Close your eyes, take a deep breath and let the frost take out the fever in you.

BLNK010 is released via Blank Mind on 6th September, pre-order a copy from Bandcamp.


A1. SMX – Hinterland
A2. Mono
B1. Study One
B2. Uakari

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