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Premiere: SNKLS – Stir

French record label Polaar prepare to release ‘Half Horn‘, a four-track EP of hardened club gear from producer SNKLS.

Followers of Polaar might have clocked SNKLS’ VIP mix of ‘Isandula‘ on a V/A compilation back in December 2019, a sharp-edged introduction to the producer’s material. Rooted in footwork, SNKLS beats across ‘Half Horn‘ are clearly informed by a much broader pool of genres, with half-heard moments of grime and bass music coming to the fore across the four track selection.

Stir‘ leans into a swung beat, working syncopation into the mix until the pot bubbles over into a punchy, rolling groove, loaded with a dramatic energy. Shattered glimpses of crystalline tech hurl past the listener’s ears at high velocity, propelled by stuttering surges of 808s that don’t lose their grip once it’s locked. SNKLS shows moments of restraint, choosing to let the track’s dark, swelling mood brew, but on top of this thinly veiled self-control, the track’s pounding heart beats strong.

‘Half Horn’ is scheduled for release 23 February via Polaar. Order a copy from Bandcamp.

1. Matin Shape
2. Half Horn
3. Stir
4. I Don’t Give An Acid