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Premiere: Ike Release – Polyternity

Ike Release, aka Ike Velez, kicks off his freshly minted ‘Air Series’ for his own Episodes label with three nightlife and extraterrestrial jackin’ mid-west house tracks on the ‘Night Calling’ EP. Velez, perhaps better known through his Innerspace Halflife live PA with Hakim Murphy, continues to perpetuate the spirit of acid house and the cosmos in his production.

‘Polyternity’ is our pick from the EP. It’s a progressive and deeper cut than the hedonistic ‘Mw Raverwith trademark saturated basslines and ethereal bleep ladened melodies, undercut by extended, drawn-out pads mellowing out the activity in the front of the mix.

Syncopated, scrambling percussion and off-beat snapping snares help break the track free from that normally tiresome and familiar lo-fi house compression. Mastered for extra crispness and punch by Kevin McHugh, aka Ambivalent and LA-4A, ‘Polyternity’, as with the other tracks, is bright, bottom-heavy and primed for your speakers.

‘Night Calling’ EP is scheduled for release 15 February via Episodes. Order a copy from Bandcamp


1. Night Calling
2. Mw Raver
3. Polyternity