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Premiere: SSTROM – Tornet

Swedish DJ/producer Hannes Stenstrom, aka SSTROM, one half of duo Shxcxchcxsh, is set to release his first full-length this May. ‘Otider’ loosely translated as “un-times” or “non-times” is a attempt to position his music outside of a specific context and represent his tracks as “rediscovered artefacts relating to personal experiences of the artist.” Written over the last seven years, it’s a result of an instinctual process in which Stenstrom ” let his hands work automatically without interference from his head.

Otider’ is due to be released on Rösten, a label started by the duo which released Stenstrom’s ‘Vitriol 12″ earlier this year. It’s said to be a move away from traditional techno that “elegantly drifts between lush transparency, thick grooves of outsider/lo-fi house, and coldwave/synth aesthetics.

Today we’re excited to present an exclusive premiere of a cut from his latest record. ‘Tornet’ is a bold foray into a new aesthetic for Stenstrom, an icy world populated by rising arpeggios and analogue squiggles, grounded by a gently insistent beat that anchors the groove. It’s a finely executed piece of minimal techno with an emphasis on melody, texture and atmosphere – count us in.

Otider LP is scheduled for release 28th May 2018.


1. Väktaren
2. Damm
3. I Huvudet
4. Kronofobi
5. Vinden
6. Modernisten
7. Baslinjen
8. Svävaren
9. Tornet
10. Sov Nu

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