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Premiere: St. Theodore – Mortal Strike

Land Of Dance is a land with no border, open to all sounds and styles. Active since 2013, the Turin-based label is one of the flagships of Northern Italy and has been a catalyst of the Italian rave scene pivoting around free techno during the 90’s. The imprint reflects the DIY approach of raves: there are no digital releases and each record includes a printed black and white insert.

The label recently announced their first release of 2018 in the from of a 4-track extended player from St. Theodor. Curator of Russian outlet Raw Union, who has been actively working with analog machines over the past five years. ‘Mortal Strike‘ is an immersion into cold acidic landscapes, the pulses omitted from the TB-303 teleport the listener into a frenzied state, presenting a well balanced mix of EBM chords, a subtle techno kick and new wave excursions.

Mortal Strike is scheduled for release 5th March 2018 via Land Of Dance, order a copy from Clone.


A1. In The Darkness
A2. Man Who Sold The World Rework
A3. Mist
A4. Mortal Strike

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