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Premiere: The Pilotwings – DFC Du Pauvre

What better way to start off the New Year than with a fresh new transmission from our favourite French duo. Back after the drop of their debut album ‘Les Portes Du Brionnais‘ over a year ago, followed by a quiet season in the studio, The Pilotwings are set to land a fourth release on their home base of BFDM, ‘Pour Faire Pleurer Les Chômeurs‘, scheduled to hit the stores in February.

Oozing a heady compound of monoi-scented winds and silky lounge ambiences, this new slice for the Lyon-based imprint will have you surfing down sandy paths and tube-riding crystal waves, far away from the seasonal frost and freeze. Our pick ‘DFC Du Pauvre‘ (which would, unlike its name suggests, sit proudly in the catalogue of the seminal Italian label) gives off particularly warm and soothing radiations, sure to get your head up in the clouds quick off the mark. Unfolding multiple layers of chimey synths, shuffling hats and subtle jazz vibrations – all draped in a lusher-than-lush balearic kind of vibe, it’s a one-way ticket to ethereal, sunbeaten wonderlands.

Pour Faire Pleurer Les Chômeurs is released via BFDM in February.


A1. Massilia Attack
A2. La Réconciliation Des Intermittents
B1. Just Be (Ushuaïa Mix)
B2. DFC Du Pauvre

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