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Premiere: Tom Trago & Pisetzky – Perù

After inaugurating 2016 with a new effort from staple duo Landside, Milan-based collective and label Just This come up with their second instalment of the year, ‘Broken Promises‘, a three-track VA collating contributions from Tom Trago and Pisetzky, Eduardo De La Calle and Kelpe.

A sensitive odyssey through prismatic dreamscapes and melancholic sound fields, this first VA weaves productions from an international cast, voyaging from Amsterdam to Madrid to London to Milan again. The mood is deep and pensive, moving in between velvety folds and subtle flat shifts with an ever delicate feel.

As its title imply Trago and Pisetzky’s enthralling ‘Perù‘ encapsulates the heady flavours of a long-lost El Dorado, a dynamic groove smoothly rushing us into a phantasmal terra incognita. Drop anchor in this moony creek and lend your ear to the sirens’ psalmody as bleeps and bloops merge and dissolve in profound aqueous ripples. The vista is superb.

Broken Promises EP is released via Just This on July 22nd, pre-order a vinyl copy from Juno.


1. Tom Trago & Pisetzky – Perù
2. Eduardo De La Calle – Mondo 8
3. Kelpe – Dry Riser

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