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Premiere: Trudge – Her Touch

Inaugurated earlier this year with a strong debut effort courtesy of Sydney-based duo Sonderr, Shall Not Fade’s offshoot Lost Palms is about to come back forth with their second instalment, an alluring four-track slab of dreamy musings and exotica-indebted grooves from on-the-rise lo-fi house producer Trudge.

With another EP out on French label Dance Around 88, it sure is a busy start of the year for the Parisian vibist. If ‘Drowned‘ saw him breeze in with a more physical, sweat-inducing strain of house music – strictly aimed at bringing dancefloors to a boil throughout a tight-laced batch of impactful chuggers, ‘When The Rain‘ finds Trudge exploring more contemplative terrains and otherworldly horizons, echoed through subtle bells and vaporous pads.

Our pick, the caressing ‘Her Touch‘, is the epitome of a tropicalised groover geared for beach-side action and rooftop hoofing sessions. Volatile and lighthearted with its vibrant flights of xylophonic lines and piano-speckled motifs dissolving in fine volutes, this is the exact kind of track that’ll carry the smile on your lips all the way through the summer, as we can finally set our sight into the deep blue sky and take a dip in the transparent waters of some cerulean creeks.

When The Rain EP is released via Lost Palms on 24th March, pre-order a vinyl copy from Bandcamp.


A1. When The Rain
A2. True Stories Can’t Be Told
B1. Her Touch
B2. Deep Eyes Blue Skies

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