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Premiere: Vactrol Park – Don’t Speak Its Name

Under their many names and guises, sound experimentalists Kyle Martin and Guido Zen have been pushing for new forms of expression and creativity for over two decades; breaking the norms as Brain Machine (together with Lo Recordings’ Jon Tye), with Kyle’s projects Spectral Empire (alongside Black Merlin) and Land Of Light (with Melody As Truth boss Johnny Nash), and Guido’s multiple endeavours: Arcade Audio Assault System, Exciter, Gamers In Exile or My Selfish Desire.

United under the banner of Vactrol Park, the pair step up on Malka Tuti with their third effort after two EPs on Andy Hogge’s ESP Institute. Melding elements of dub techno, free jazz and variedly sourced folk tropes, all folded in minutely-crafted modular tapestries, the present batch finds Kyle and Guido at their most inspired. Streaming today over our channels, the EP’s closing cut ‘Don’t Speak Its Name‘ is also the most extended of the pack, sitting just below the 17-minute bar.

Calibrated upon a sustained train-like 4/4 swing, the track mutates and spreads, first fusing sparkling chimes and kalimba notes with a Berghain-ready thump before incorporating Jon Hassell-ian trumpets (‘Blues Nile‘ style) in the last quarter for a stupendous Arabian nights finish. Blurring the line between dancefloor functionality and leftfield distinctiveness, these guys definitely know how to grab you gently by the shoulders and have you zoning out in a velvet stroke.

Vactrol Park is out now via Malka Tuti, order a copy from Juno.


A1. Caustic Tones
A2. Adria
B1. Don’t Speak Its Name

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