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Premiere: Voiski – Chasing Shadows

Fresh off releases from Dutch producer Darko Esser under his Tripeo alias and local talent HVL, Georgia club turned record label Bassiani welcomes French techno hoodooist Voiski to the fold with ‘Our Brilliant Failure‘ – a stamina-testing four-track drop sure to lay maximum chaos in its wake, any time of day or night.

Lifted from this epic package, our pick ‘Chasing Shadows‘ has us in for a massive adrenaline-rush. A subtly syncopated 4/4 swing leads the charge while fluttering cosmic synths and blazing analogue riffs spiral out of control into the greater void.

While packing a devastating punch, Voiski’s steamroller does a lot more than just rolling and obliterating everything on its way, it sure knows how to send us into orbit far, far away from our often limitative reality. If most of the contemporary techno scene’s regularly berated for its lack of audacity and nerve, Voiski is one of the few to inject the most enjoyable amount of ambition and forwardness in what’s become an otherwise growingly frustrating status quo.

Our Brilliant Failure is released via Bassiani on 19th August, pre-order a copy from Juno.


A1. Sit Down Next To Me
A2. Chasing Shadows
B1. TearSystem
B2. Your Heart Starts To Race

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