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Premiere: Yolek – Aela

Lyon-based crew Spiral Dance give birth to their in-house label SousTraitance with a compilation of tracks representing their ethos on dance music: early UK rave spirit shot through with broader 90’s styles, an alchemical brew of breaks, trance, electro and drum & bass.

Shirking the flourish of a title, SousTraitance take a no-distractions approach and plunge the listener right into the selection of tracks from new faces who’ve been building their reputation on merit alone, from Jonnnah to Antoine 80 and Shcuro.

Inverted Audio regulars might recognise Yolek’s name in the list from the recently featured collaboration EP with Brainwaves’ Estebahn, and it’s Yolek’s track that we’ve selected to showcase from this V/A: clean production meets a rough-edged spirit on ‘Aela‘, a sub-warping track of no-nonsense dance music. Bass sprawls out front and center, with Eastern-inspired percussion morphed into breaks and a sharpened, ululating melody line filling out the remainder of the frequency range. Heavyweight soundsystem music for perked-up ravers, Yolek sets a solid bar which the rest of the V/A steps to meet.

‘SSTR​/​VA01’ is scheduled for release 29 September via SousTraitance. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Jonnnah – Routing End of Desert
2. Yolek – Aela
3. Antoine 80 – Oula Oups!
4. Penelope’s Fiance – Transcending
5. Shcuro – Carnation
6. DJ 8.6 – ArgentFlamme