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Premiere: Yolek & Estebahn (LMB) – Renens Low Kick

Geneva’s Brainwaves throw us a low-tempo curveball with a collaborative LP from Estebahn and friend Yolek, titled ‘Leck Meine Bahn‘.

The Brainwaves crew have to be one of our favourite small DJ/Producer crews today. Shored up in Geneva, the core members of Estebahn, Hermeth, Weith, Tout Casser and HTN run things with a precise attitude: serious when it comes to their beats and artwork, and everything else coming with a fair share of light-hearted humour.

Last we touched base with Estebahn, we heard of Brainwaves’ plans to take the “Swiss multinational investment label and musical services company” to the next level by gradually inviting friends from further abroad to share space on their label with remixes, such as Solid Blake’s touch-up of Estebahn’s ‘This Rock‘.

It seems that those plans took a hyperspeed turn during Planet Earth’s calamitous last year, resulting in the Brainwaves family taking an off-planet excursion to musically spar with alien anomalies for corporate gain, with Estebahn’s soundclash with Yolek being the first to return from the cold reaches of the universe.

Besides knocking a healthy 30BPM off the standard Brainwaves tempo, the result of Yolek’s duel with Estebahn seems to also inundate the typical fare of breakbeat and acid with a decent dose of trance and kicks ready to drown you with their weight. ‘Renens Low Kick‘ comes up close to the top of the pile: shifting through permutations of bass-ridden trance infected with breaks, the result of the warring collaboration clearly contains elements from each participant, whilst remaining something neither would have created alone.

‘Leck Meine Bahn’ is scheduled for release 11 August via Brainwaves. Order a copy from Bandcamp


1. LMB – Jesus Dub
2. LMB – Renens Low Kick
3. Yolek – Breakfast
4. LMB – Still Don’t Give a Stab
5. LMB – Derick’s Car Trance
6. LMB – Cops Ain’t Shit
7. Estebahn – Validnation
8. LMB – Frozen Dub