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Premiere: Zobol – Sinking

Following their first release from label head Sound Synthesis, Wave Function Records are back with another full-length project. A high calibre electro manifesto, ‘Waveform Trajectory’ is an alluring peek inside the mind of Bristol producer Zobol.

Like many, for Zobol, the process of making music provides a form of escapism. As he’s mastering various hardware and production techniques over the past decade or so, the producer, real name Jon Chmielewski, has been able to harness music’s potential as a uniquely expressive medium.

Our pick from Chmielewski’s debut album is the emotive electro cut ‘Sinking’. According to the artist, the track was written during a period of personal hardship and can be seen as a reflection of his headspace at that time. ‘Sinking’ has the kind of sci-fi melancholy that’s present in a lot of pioneering Detroit techno, but with Zobol’s personal touch.

‘Waveform Trajectory’ is scheduled for release 28 February via Wave Function Records. Order a copy from Juno.


1. First Contact
2. Stranger Echo Chamber
3. Footwerk
4. Caelum
5. Sinking
6. Schrodinger Equation
7. Probability Density
8. Wave-particle Duality