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Priori lines up second album ‘Your Own Power’ on NAFF

Today, Canadian producer Priori announces the forthcoming release of his second album via NAFF – the label Priori co-founded alongside Ex-Terrestrial.

Composed of 9-tracks spanning ambient house and crystalline electronica, ‘Your own Power‘ is the producers first record almost entirely made using synthesis. Produced earlier this year amidst lockdown, the album is the result of Francis Latreille spending more time contemplating in the studio, “exploring new instruments and wiring the equipment in new inspiring ways.”

For the album cover, Priori teamed up with fellow Canadian artist Matt Cangiano on the artwork who is said to be known for “creating beautiful hybrid pieces that bridge biology, botany, and the digital world.” Additional design is the work of French artist Ellyson Gasparetto.

‘Your Own Power’ is scheduled for release 12 November via NAFF. Order a copy from Bandcamp


1. Winged
2. Oyl
3. Shkrub
4. Color Me
5. 2-9-1
6. The Tower ft. Ex-Terrestrial
7. The Village
8. Your Own Power
9. Liminal