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Leif announces fifth album ‘9 Airs’

Following previous album releases on Fear Of Flying, UntilMyHeartStops and Whities –  Leif marks his return to Nic Tasker’s imprint AD 93 at the end of October with his fifth album ‘9 Airs‘.

An accomplished producer, with years of experience within the scene, Leif Knowles has a lot to express when it comes to production, often reflecting nature alongside ambient leaning house and electronica.

Lifted from the press release, “9 Airs took shape during an unconscious reconnection with music long since forgotten; an instinctive recall for melodies played out on guitar, low whistle and voice.”

Spread over 9-tracks, ‘9 Airs‘ presents an emotive body of music, best suited for pensive listening sessions. Album highlights include ‘Low D‘, ‘Every Weather‘ and ‘Tapping on a Hollow Body‘.

‘9 Airs’ is scheduled for release 29 October. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Seven Hour Flight to Nowhere
2. Hold Gem Cut
3. Hiding in Plain Sight
4. Looking Inside to See How it Works
5. Low D
6. Emotional Risk Assessment
7. Every Weather
8. Wake Up Now
9. Tapping on a Hollow Body