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Radiant Love release International Womxn’s Day compilation

Berlin based collective Radiant Love mark International Womxn’s Day 2020 with the release of a 14-track digital compilation featuring contributions from their extended family, including tracks from Exael, Roza Terenzi, Flørist, DJ Paradise & Ulla Straus, D. Tiffany, Sansibar and more.

The compilation is available to download via Bandcamp and all profits will go directly to VDAY – a global activist movement to end violence against womxn and girls – and The Society of Gynecologic Oncology – an organisation that contributes to the advancement of women’s cancer care.

Speaking out in his Newtype Rhythms interview last November, Radiant Love co-founder Byron Yates shared to us “Radiant Love came about initially as a welcome-back party for Amelia and Jochem. The original plan was to have a house party, but none of us had a house to do it in so we rented a small, illegal venue. We had about 250 people show up, along with friends from London came over and brought a load of drag artists with them. The vibe was so good we decided to keep going with it and it’s kept growing since then.”


1. Exael – Gale
2. Roza Terenzi – Hazed State
3. Bliss Inc. – Innerstate
4. Flørist – Biased
5. DJ Paradise & Ulla Straus – Desert Rose Ambi Edit
6. Fio Fa – In Effect
7. Lou Karsh – L S Dancer
8. GOD 69 – Hot Flash
9. Eoin DJ – Haywire
10. D. Tiffany – Word Of Knowledge
11. Vani-T – Acid Bottom
12. YS – 2 Strong 2 Long
13. Sansibar – Plastic Flight
14. Games – Refractions