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Anenon: Petrol

When you hear nothing but good things, there’s a certain kind of hype that begins to grow around an artist or record, but what’s incredible to see is when the hype is justified, albeit too avant-garde for the fuck-boys.

Anenon, hailer of LA, lover of jazz, proportionate improviser and dedicated musician has brought out his third effort – ‘Petrol’, a remarkably poignant and daringly experimental album.


"Petrol is at once disparate and beautiful, and unfolds more with
every listen than Sepp Blatter had hidden at FIFA."

Opening up with the lonely long roads and passing cars of Los Angeles, the scene is set before the first of many melting moments begin. The album was hummed up from improvisation sessions and years in the making… you can only begin to imagine the tangible motivation that went through Anenon and collaborator Jon-Kyle Mohr when creating the main body of Petrol.

With only the finished product to go on, we get a sparsely polished diamond that gets brighter every listen, while tracks ‘Mouth‘, ‘Panes‘ and ‘Machines’ et al play out, you wonder from thought to thought, mile after mile, highway to highway – then it ends because you forgot to top up your shitty Peugeot 106.

Ladled from the rare soup of musicians that gain inspiration from jazz and the electronic world of music, who’ve then got the balls and the skill to do something that melds the little pieces of different into the hair-raising, Petrol is at once disparate and beautiful, and unfolds more with every listen than Sepp Blatter had hidden at FIFA.

Tantamount to its sound, every track lives and breathes in its own unique space, yet flows seamlessly into the next – as an example, the transition from ‘Once’ to ‘CXP’ is immaculate, well thought of, and helps to display the prowess of Anenon’s production and conceptual vision.

Petrol from start to finish is a mere 40 or so minutes, but what’s achieved in that time span is astounding, fans of Jon Hopkins, GoGo Penguin and Rival Consoles should give this a spin, or three.

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Petrol is out now on Friends of Friends Music, order a digital copy on Bandcamp.


1. Body
2. Lumina
3. Once
4. CXP
5. Mouth
6. Hinoki
7. Machines
8. Panes
9. Petrol

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