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Guy Andrews: Our Spaces

Gone are the safe spaces, the fluffy pillows and the plaintive mediocre sounds, delving into territory as yet unknown, 2016 will be the year that far more people hold Guy Andrews in high esteem, “Our Spaces” his debut album has ripped a space in contemporary music, much like Kanye’s arse from Amber Rose’s fingers…cuddle me.

“Our Spaces” is absurdly crammed with powerhouse belters, of blistering and emotive electronic music, of tentative air and formidable listening. In its entirety, Guy Andrews has created a perfect mix of otherworldly techno and distorted post-rock, strewn together then torn right back up again, a palpable irony against the laws of electronic music, that works so, so well.

Guy Andrews

"Our Spaces has ripped a space in contemporary music,
much like Kanye’s arse from Amber Rose’s fingers."

Answering critics brilliantly like Anonymous’s rick-rolling reply to terrorism, at times it’s disheartening and irrational, and if you ask me, music needed this challenge. There’s been a considerable amount of time been spent crafting this content, and it’s executed to a specific vision, it goes right into the depths of some unconventional places, and at the end of the tunnel, the reinvention and patience has all been worth it, which is counter-intuitive or maybe even nostalgic to some of the album’s darkest moments, e.g. ‘Bereft of Focus, Bereft of Will“.

And, it’s not just within the music that these laws are battered, the sleeve artwork and vinyl offering resemble the same formidable concept, something that’s laid bare by Jack Hardwicke, and again it stands out from the sea of shit that’s usually out there. Pointedly, sleeve covers, club flyers and poster designs have always been a way to grab a potential fan’s attention, however Houndstooth’s artwork is one of a selection of labels whose efforts are helping to elevate and set new standards, pushing the boat out in the world of music.

Exceptional moments come out when playing ‘All Our Flaws’, ‘Perception’, ‘Nøkken’s Song’, ‘Spirit Ritual’, ‘Without Names’… otherwise known as when you press play and the album unfortunately finishes. Paganism for one is perhaps the zenith of the album, with its terrifying rhythm building up into abyss, before melting you with its strings.

Between the voids, in all of its intricacies, if “Our Spaces” didn’t make a definite point of sounding so distorted and fragmented, you’d forgive it for being such a polished project, and by polished I mean the bold confidence with which Guy Andrews plays out his blueprint. “Our Spaces” is nothing short of triumphant, not to mention Guy Andrews debut album.

‘Our Spaces’ is out now via Houndstooth, order a copy from their store.


1. High Waters
2. All Our Flaws
3. Bereft of Focus, Bereft Of Will
4. Spirit Ritual
5. Without Names
6. In Autumn Arms
7. Our Spaces
8. Nøkken’s Song
9. Perception
10. Decipher
11. Paganism
12. Terminus

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