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Applebottom: All Nite

The unstoppable rise of Bristol’s dance scene shows no sign of abating, as fresh teenage producer Applebottom (aka Joe Arthur) enters the mix of Kerri Chandler’s on-point Madtech imprint. The music coming out of Bristol over the last few years has showed a preference for big bass sounds on the threshold of the house and bass music scenes, and this muscular release is no different. Here Applebottom seamlessly incorporates elements of house, garage and the nebulous world of bass music to create a storming pair of dance tunes that are sure to stand out in any set.

These soulful tunes reflect the recent trend towards big 90s sounds without ever sounding less than cutting edge 2013 material. A-side All Nite kicks off with twitching percussive accents and deep kicks resonating under lucid garage-style vocal chops. Then around the two-minute mark descending chords introduce a weighty bass drop, accompanied by tough kicks and some deftly applied diva vocals which round up a hefty package. Arthur doesn’t turn down the power for tough B-side Turn On The Faith, which wastes no time starting out with a hefty 4/4, jukey rhythms and a cut-up ghettotech vocal line which eventually lead to an array of punchy synth-work that keeps it all very colourful.

Applebottom achieves a remarkably mature sound for a talent so new; drawing from a range of influences to craft a unique and powerful sound that’s sure to get the clubs moving. There’s a lot going on but it never feels too busy, continuing the roll Madtech set out on with Voyeur, and signalling Applebottom as a real talent to look out for over the coming year.