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Bill Youngman: Shadent

Bill Youngman, an old school veteran and timeless pioneer of techno returns to Killekill for the second time offering three shades of formidable sonic explorations into dark, electronic techno and drone.

Working predominantly with outboard hardware and effects units, mastered by years of meticulous experimentation, Bill’s music displays a subtlety and nuance one might expect from such a renowned pioneer of electronic music.

‘Shadent’ boroughs deep into the heart of Berlin’s Techno basements, exploring cavernous space and discordant echoes. Driven by a solid 4 X 4 beat Bill carefully builds up thick layers of reverb drenched atmospheres, whilst ‘Wespe’ presents a more hypnotic kick pattern from the start as droning high end chimes eerily play on the listeners psyche. Oscillating sounds swoon around the frequency spectrum making this a powerfully haunting production. ‘Centrumcircuit’ displays a more affluent groove, squeaks, stabs and melodies confidently roll upon an electro break.

Killekill’s seventh release has a real sense of analogue warmth and character to it that is endearing to anyone aware of the over produced nature of most electronic records at present. Bill Youngman delivers three astounding tracks that are bound to keep Berlin’s underground dance floors down, dark and dirty.

Download Bill Youngman’s live hardware IA MIX and read the interview