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Bjarki: Arthur And Intergalactic Whales

Getting to know Trip is a bit like one of those moments when you stumble into a house party in full swing, thrown into ill-fittingly edging your way around a room, which has already comfortably settled into a cosy buzz. You find yourself attracted to a gaggle of excitement, in this case being Nina Kraviz and her Trip cohorts to date – the figures behind the two heavyweight various artist collections that launched the label.

Almost overwhelmed by crossfire of conversation, you manage to note that she is the fulcrum knitting together old favourites and fresh faces new in town. Gradually easing into group dynamic, with introductions aside, a one-on-one conversation sparks up and you find yourself getting to know one of the gang in greater detail. In this instance, this would be Icelandic techno producer Bjarki.

Arthur And Intergalactic Whales‘ is our first glimpse into the DNA of a producer with very little background information. Rather than pick up superfluous details such as what his favourite tree is or whether he thinks Monday or Tuesday is the worst day of the week, this encounter is more like the flip of a coin showing two very different motivations.

Apparent darling of the A-list techno jet set, ‘I Wanna Go Bang‘ leads off an exceptionally executed double header with intent. A stripped back cheeky banger – naturally – it has a little hint of Richard Bartz and DJ Hell’s classic ‘Take A Shot about it. A muscly kick led monster, it takes no greater pleasure than infectiously chanting it’s title at you over and over, like some sort of Berghain bred techno Pokémon. It’s easy to love but there is a greater treat over on the flip.

Much more introverted than its sibling, ‘Orange Juice Man‘ fills the spaces between its kicks with ghostly voices frozen reverb. Five meaty bass notes thump out on the beat before leaving a small pause for an unintelligible yet satisfying male exhale of exertion. If you can navigate the technical challenge of the beatless intro and the gradually faded in percussion, you have a track that will leave an audience in the palm of your hand.

Arthur And Intergalactic Whales is out now on Trip, order a vinyl copy from Phonica.


A.  I Wanna Go Bang
B.  Orange Juice Man


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