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CW/A: Conducting The Method EP

Fuelled by ‘nothing but amaretto’ and a new found zeal for harder dance floor manipulations, ‘Conducting the Method’ delivers a combination of militaristic techno stomp, diffuse distorted melodies and break beat explorations.

The titular opener fuses squirming melodic fuzz with a rattling break and holds off for a good four minutes before allowing the bass to appear. The real action begins with ‘Modern Conflict Theory‘ and ‘Sothis‘ – the former primed for the floor with a speaker tattered creep of a lead line thoroughly blind sided by jack hammer kicks. The latter delves into strange realms of scattered junglist explosions whilst bristling with a deep techy attitude.

Quite a departure from previous work (should we blame the amaretto?) yet gets full recommendation from these quarters.

Clockwork and Avatism play live at Superstition on Friday 12th September at Village Underground, full info and tickets can be found here.

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