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Dedekind Cut: Tahoe

In the great words of Juicy J: “Slop on my knob”… I guess, no truer statement was spoken to inspire the masses and youth culture? But bare with me, as there’s relevancy; as brash, vulgar and severe that phrase is, and ever was, it’s as obvious and in your face as Lee Bannon’s career was a few years back in New York.

In the middle of a melting pot of young, hungry, talented producers and rappers, imagination leads to think… some garish vampire label associates, he was involved with respected underground labels, and at the heart of a movement in the next wave of upcoming rap. However, whatever happened, happened. With Lee Bannon, always delivering the more abstract tracks and production in that movement’s roster, rather than the usual 808’s and slap slap of mumble rap. His productions gained further experimental headway, and his leanings in this direction only intensified.

Fred Welton Warmsley III, is still working as hard as ever, and continuing to produce under new monikers Barrio Sur, and namely Dedekind Cut for his latest release: ‘Tahoe‘ out now on Kranky has given us a breadth of variance to tuck into. His body of work obviously emphasises his love for music, with a dash of industrial and a thorough taste for the abstract, and as much of my love for hip-hop already praises the springboard production Lee Bannon did for Pro Era, Mick Jenkins et al, it’s a brave move to flow in what he’s created in ‘Tahoe‘, and it’s time to move forward and sideways with him.

Tahoe‘, is saying no to the now, it’s therapeutic in it’s own blooming, where Lee Gamble left off, Dedekind Cut drones over in ethereal sombre. “MMXIX” is fucking brilliant in its wash of sounds, field recordings, tempo changes and worth getting the album for alone. Tracks like “Hollow Earth” leave us in a desolate place, left alone with our thoughts, and “De-Civilization” is majestic in it’s ambience, this piece as a whole, is not for the faint-hearted, and it’s not for the up and up, it’s for personal growth, without limitations.

I highly doubt that you got here from a tangent of click-baits and a bunch of Mick Jenkin’s YouTube algorithms, but those looking for Fred’s earlier stuff, it’s long gone, and he’s dug deeper inside since his releases on Ninja Tune, but let’s be honest too, anyone that has a taste for jungle is a fucking hero and is going to have varied music outputs, yet listening to ‘Tahoe‘, there’s elements similar to Tim Hecker’s ‘Ravedeath, 1972‘ and there’s resemblances to Boards of Canada too, which makes it good for late, late night listening – so get cracking ya slags.

Tahoe is out now on Kranky, order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Equity
2. The Crossing Guard
3. Tahoe
5. De-Civilization
6. Spiral
7. Hollow Earth
8. Virtues

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